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Two months in Korea

06 May 2019 »

Actually, It’s more than 2 months. I came to Korea on Feb 25, 2019.

Back to the past, I decided to go to Korea. I got a Master scholarship from Korean Professor.

There are many different in here to Vietnam. So I tried to adapt with the changes.

First: 고시원 - A small house

Actually, It’s quite small, only about 4 or 5 meter squares. I have a single bed, above is a table and a refrigerator. So I just use this room to sleep and working with laptop.

We have a shared kitchen, bathroom and restroom. Sometimes the kitchen is full, so I have to wait for my turn.

But It’s fun because I will meet everyone here, new friends and some joke stories.

In my 고시원, there are two types of room: the first one has a windows and the second one has not. So the prices also are different.

However, There are some benefits when live in 고시원, I don’t have to care about rice, electricity cost and clean kitchen/restroom.

Second: Language

When I came here, I didn’t know any Korean characters. It’s quite hard when you want to go out to have a meal. Because the menu often is written in Korean.

My friend - Trinh gave me some names, The first week I tried these food every day. :))

Many Korean people do not know English, even young people. So I think to live here you have to learn Korean, at least read a Korean characters.

Or maybe my English is not good enough to make they understand.

Third: Laboratory

My lab is System and Network Security. Currently, we focus on some new technologies such as SDN and NFV.

Actually, Academic Research is too different to Industry Research. So At first I don’t familiar with this. I got topics and sub topics to choose then Old member gave me some papers related that topic. I just read and read and read.

Because these papers and these works has not gone to market yet, So It’s quite ambiguous.

Then I attended a class from Vietnamese teacher, He taught me research methodologies. And I know what to do next, And now I’m trying to follow that method.

My lab is quite rich, and Professor is kind. When every one want to upgrade RAM in PC. He allowed us to do. Then every one has 48GB RAM.

So It’s enough for a post, I will talk more in the next post. And actually I will try to write in English to improve my English skill. Feel free to comment if you find a bug in here.