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Opendaylight 101 - Integrate with Openstack

18 May 2019 »

Integrate Opendaylight with Openstack

Recently, I have to write some sdn application, So I choose Opendaylight as a SDN Controller for my Cloud Environment.

It takes 4 days to integrate and VM can go to the internet. I have tried with Devstack but It did not enable L3 connectivity.

In this post, I will integrate Opendaylight with Openstack. Please read carefully.

Requirements / Preparation

  • OpenStack Rocky or Stein
  • OpenvSwitch 2.9.2
  • Opendaylight Oxygen 0.8.4

Network Model

We will use 3 interfaces for Controller and 2 interfaces for Compute Node. Because I will use Controller as Gateway node for external connectivity.

Details IP Address

  • Controller:
    • ens3: (access network)
    • ens9: None (external Network)
    • ens10: (management network)
  • Compute
    • ens3: (access network)
    • ens10: (management network)

If you want to use multiple gateway nodes, You have to attach external interface for those nodes.

Install Openstack

Install Openstack is out of the scope of this post, So you have to prepare a vanilla openstack.

Below is a list of service need to install on Controller and Compute

  • Controller
    • keystone
    • glance
    • neutron-server, neutron-dhcp-agent, neutron-metadata-agent
    • nova-* except nova-compute
    • horizon (optional)
    • python-networking-odl
  • Compute
    • nova-compute
    • python-networking-odl

Install Opendaylight

Please refer my previous post to install Opendaylight, note use Oxygen release and OpenJDK 8

Enable Feature for Opendaylight

I will set features on boot (as devstack). Open file etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg inside Opendayligt extracted folder.

Add odl-neutron-service,odl-restconf-all,odl-aaa-authn,odl-dlux-core,odl-mdsal-apidocs,odl-dluxapps-nodes,odl-dluxapps-topology,odl-dluxapps-yangui,odl-dluxapps-yangvisualizer,odl-l2switch-switch,odl-l2switch-switch-ui,odl-ovsdb-hwvtepsouthbound-ui,odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-ui,odl-netvirt-ui,odl-openflowplugin-flow-services-ui,odl-netvirt-openstack,odl-neutron-logger to the end of line begin with featuresBoot

Start ODL


Configure Neutron-server

Open /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file, remove router in service_plugins option if you set. And add odl-router_v2

Use configure below for /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini

tenant_network_types = vxlan
extension_drivers = port_security
mechanism_drivers = opendaylight_v2

flat_networks = external

vni_ranges = 1:1000

firewall_driver = neutron.agent.not.a.real.FirewallDriver

enable_dhcp_service = False
port_binding_controller = pseudo-agentdb-binding
password = admin
username = admin
url =

Then restart neutron-server

Configure OpenVswitch on Controller

So now, You have to configure some parameters for openvswitch

  • Hostconfig: in recent version of opendaylight/networking-odl we need parameters to know more about a node in SDN network such as which node will host router, which node has DPDK and so on.

  • Controller: in the concept of SDN network, Sdn switch will connect to Sdn controller

Note: The latest version of networking-odl ship with command neutron-odl-ovs-hostconfig but in Rocky release you have to use script in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/networking_odl

Because this node will host router so we have to option ODL L3

Run below command

python --noovs_dpdk  --ovs_hostconfigs='{"ODL L2":{"allowed_network_types":["local","vlan", "vxlan","gre"],"bridge_mappings": {"external":"br-ex"},"supported_vnic_types": [{"vnic_type":"normal","vif_type":"ovs","vif_details":{}}]},"ODL L3": {}}'

Note: the external network will map with br-ex bridge

Add other configs

python --noovs_dpdk

Add bridge br-ex and set local_ip for tunnel

ovs-vsctl add-br br-ex
ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:local_ip=
ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:provider_mappings=external:br-ex

Now connect switch with OpenDaylight

ovs-vsctl set-manager ptcp:6641: tcp:

Note: We will open port 6641 for openvswitch to neutron-dhcp-agent can talk with openvswitch. If you run Opendaylight in other host you do not have to open port 6641 for openvswitch.

Check all options for table Open_vswitch

Configure OpenVswitch on Compute Node

Configure hostconfig

python --noovs_dpdk  --ovs_hostconfigs='{"ODL L2":{"allowed_network_types":["local","vlan", "vxlan","gre"],"bridge_mappings": {},"supported_vnic_types": [{"vnic_type":"normal","vif_type":"ovs","vif_details":{}}]}}'

Add other parameters

python --noovs_dpdk

Set local_ip for tunnel

ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch . other_config:local_ip=

Connect Switch to Opendaylight

ovs-vsctl set-manager ptcp:6641: tcp:

Configure Nova-compute

Add these config to nova.conf file and restart nova-compute

ovsdb_connection = tcp:

Configure Neutron-dhcp-agent

Add paramter for ovsdb_connection and force metadata to run inside qdhcp-xxx namespace

interface_driver = openvswitch
force_metadata = true

ovsdb_connection = tcp:

Check Network Agent


  • You need to define ODL L3 for the gateway node

  • Not sure about the latest version of Opendaylight and OpenvSwitch

  • If you see any misconfigure please tell me