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OpendayLight 101 - Installation

02 Oct 2018 »
Install OpendayLight
  • Install java on host
sudo apt install default-jdk -y
  • Download Zip file, I will use Boron release
  • Extract
tar -xvf distribution-karaf-0.5.1-Boron-SR1.tar.gz
  • Run Opendaylight
cd distribution-karaf-0.5.1-Boron-SR1

It takes some minutes to start please wait

Now We will install Dlux UI to visualize and OpenFlow plugin for later post

Type feature:list | grep dlux to check plugin is available

Install Dlux
feature:install odl-dlux-all

Once you run the previous comamnd, Dlux will be enabled and you find that Opendaylight server has started listening on additions ports:

  • 8181: Web UI and MD-SAL RESTCONFIG

  • 8185: AAA
  • 8080: Web UI and MD-SAL RESTCONFIG

You can access through your browser by entering http://your_odl_id:8181/index.html

You can login to Dlux using the following default credentials

Username: admin
Password: admin
Install Openflow Plugin
  • Install L2 Switch module
feature:install odl-l2switch-switch

Once installed, Opendaylight server started listening on port 6633 for OpenFlow Protocol